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Safari Ice Cream Mentorship Program

Safari Ice Cream Mentorship Program was created to encourage, mentor and inspire the youth within the communities that we provide our services. Our organization is a proud Success Partner of Tyler Independent School District.

Who? Outside of Mentoring within out Safari Ice Cream & Sports Organization: Our goal is to bridge the gap between our community and our local schools (Elementary, Middle School & High School). 

Our Focus: Our mission is to serve schools that low risk


Player Registration for Game Play/PickUp Games: $0 (No Cost)
Oct. 2022 - Dec. 2022

  • Pickup Games on Saturdays: October - December 

  • Organized with the help of parents & volunteers

  • Jersey included

  • 1 Hour of Pickup Games / Game Play

  • One Ref

  • 10 minute games or first to 12

  • Free Pizza after Pickup Games  

  • Free Highlight Videos

  • Access to local Basketball trainers

  • Fun and enjoyable experience 


Safari Sports Elementary Pickup Games 

Please choose the Dates your kid(s) are available for Saturday Pickup Games.
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