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Mission of Safari Jobs: Our goal is to provide career experience to local high school and college students within the communities we serve. Students can expect to gain the experience they need to use in future careers and within every day life. 

Our Management team is very flexible and understanding of the schedules of students in high school and college. We enjoys working with this population and take pride in making a positive impact within this age group. 

Our cashiers will learn the importance of the following:

1. Interacting with customers
2. Marketing (Providing discounts cards at the events Safari Ice Cream is attending)

3. Taking sales (Cash & Credit Cards)
4. Providing selected Ice Cream to customers
5. Smiling and Creating positive conversations wit
h customers. 
6. Counting Total Daily Sales

Party Characters:
1. Interact with kids @ our contracted parties with the Mascot of Choice   
2. Work with our clients and Safari Ice Cream according to agreed upon schedule 

Ensure party characters are sanitized after each event/daily. 

Last but not least: The duties above are the main responsibilities of this internship.  This position is very flexible and there is a lot of down time between customers. This is the perfect opportunity for local high school and college students. 

Cashier / Party Character Application 

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